wonderful weekend

Victoria & Jeremy came to visit!! We had such a fun weekend...

Victoria & I didn't waste any time jumping to our ornaments - I believe this photo was taken a mere 10-15 minutes after their arrival:

Saturday morning, the Mario Kart competition was fierce!

I love the varying degrees of intensity displayed here!

In the final second, Jeremy surged ahead of Doug for victory. (Please note Jeremy's fist pump in the back!)

What could be more perfect?
We love you guys - thanks so much for driving all the way out here to visit us! :)

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  1. i miss you already! we had a great time. next time we're staying longer...like a week. ha! seriously, it was so nice to hang out and spend time with you guys. we cannot WAIT until you're up here soon...and then for SPRING BREAK together. i love your post.

    p.s. i love that you pointed out jer's fist pump...so cute.