birthday girl

Dear Lyndsay,

Even though you're currently in Panama, I still wanted to do a special birthday post just for you.

Who would have thought that a mere 3 weeks after I was born, I would get a cousin who would be my partner in crime for all my childhood years???

A lot of my favorite memories involve the two of us & our crazy, hyper moments.

Would anyone guess, looking at those pictures, that we were both almost 20 years old??

We've been through a lot together - from fights in Grandma's backyard, to playing MASH in my bed, to getting spanked because we wouldn't stop jumping on the bed, to Big Red gum in the back of the van, to drooling in the Racko box, to giggling about boys at Nationals...

... to giggling about Andy & Doug.
I've always felt so lucky to have so many beautiful, incredible girl cousins that I got along with so well (with the occasional scratching & fighting!) - and especially to have one so close in age that we experienced so much of life at virtually the same time.
I've been so blessed by your friendship over the years.

You've always been there for me...
...and I know you always will.
I love you, Lynz! Happy 23rd!


  1. aw, rae that is so cute!
    we miss little gingy-bean so much!!

  2. Awww, so sweet. I love the pic of her holding up your wedding dress, shucks.

  3. oh -- I thought she was pinching you

  4. Well if it was my cousin I would have pinched her and said 'how dare you get married before me?!' It looks like a beautiful wedding though^^