unemployment, day 1

I'm calling today my first day of unemployment, even though I was laid off 3 days ago, because today was the first day I would have been back at work. I went into school this morning to gather my belongings. It was awful. As ill luck would have it, they were having a meeting with all the students (undoubtedly to discuss the impending changes of the new semester), and the meeting was being held in the gym/lunch room, which is the room I had to walk through to get to the parking lot. So, I got to carry my box of belongings through a mass of my students and former co-workers...

I spent the day applying to virtually every legitimate looking job on Craigslist, Monster, Yahoo and the Detroit Free Press, as well as some less-than-legitimate-looking ones. But all those resumes and cover letters paid off - I have an interview for an administrative assistant position on Thursday.

I also made a winter collage, 3 ornaments and a hot fudge sundae with mint choc. chip ice cream. I'll leave you to decide which was the most satisfying.

As I'm sorting out my thoughts about being laid off, I've been trying to focus on the pleasant thoughts that come to mind:
1. At least I did not tuck tail and quit and abandon my students.
2. Teaching at that school was nearly impossible anyway, so this may be for the better.
3. It will be exciting to see what God has in store for me next.
4. I don't have to wake up as early!
5. I don't have to deal with rush hour traffic along 96 anymore.
6. Doug gets to come home & have lunch with me everyday.
7. I will have a lot of time to make ornaments and do crafts and practice photography.
8. I may finally stop grinding my teeth in the middle of the night!

Plenty to be optimistic about!


  1. aw, rae i'm sorry about your job. i loved hearing your stories about school and thought you were incredibly brave & inspiring. but i know that new & exciting things will come your way & you'll have many stories to entertain us with.

    and now i want a hot fudge sundae with mint choc chip icecream!! (don't mention yummy food in front of preggers...)

  2. I am sure you have left a huge impact on your students' lives! prayers for what's next-I hope it's as fulfilling (and entertaining!) as your teaching job. Plus crafting is delightful-that's what I have been doing in my time of unemployment :)

  3. I am so sorry to hear about school. But after reading your post I know that you really understand what teaching is all about: The kids. Your students are no doubt the better for having you in their lives.

    In my "old age" I have come to realize that we are a nation that spends money on the things we care about, unfortunately it isn't children and their education.

    Something tells me that you will be alright (perhaps it the positive attitude).

    Please just promise to keep writing.