And now, for one of my more hodge-podge conglomerations of a post. Numbered for your convenience.

1. I can't believe that it's already been 6 months!

Sweet, nuptial bliss. :)

2. Returned back to school today... what an absolute mess. Our school on the east side of Detroit is being closed because we can no longer fund two schools, so, needless to say, there have been some "redundancies." We still don't have a principal, and our school administrator was laid off, along with a few teachers. Our students are already talking about the chaos to ensue once the students from the eastside arrive. Apparently, that was what started the real problems last year - riots out in the street, a teacher pushed into oncoming traffic (but not hit), school-wide fights inside the school, and a student getting hit with a bumper that had been pulled off a car... just to name a few that I've heard from staff and students.

3. Of course, the first day back to school, I would have a zit the size of Mt. Helena on my cheek. Mercifully, only two students mentioned it, both students with whom I have established a good relationship (dare I say my two favorites?). The first came in and said, "Aw, you have a zit!" - in the same voice which someone might remark, "Aw, you lost your first tooth!" or perhaps, "Aw, what a cute puppy!" So I said, "Yeeah... too much chocolate over the break, I guess!" But he couldn't just let it go there. Oh no. He added, "It's so cute!" To which I responded: *insert dead-pan expression* "Wha?" But he kept going. "I'm serious! You look like you're running for America's Next Top Model!" ?? More confusing than anything was the fact that he was totally serious. I guess I didn't realize that so many potential models resorted to acne to advance their careers. The second commentator walked into class and said (after commenting on his status as the ONLY student present in his class today), "You got a zit?" To which I responded, "Yeeah... too much chocolate over the break, I guess!" (Note to self: come up with some more pimple material.) This student tried the sympathy approach: "Yeah, I got some too. Usually I just bust mine." ... This would be the point where Robert's fake "I'm puking in my mouth" noise would come in handy. But after we got that out of the way, we had a lovely conversation for the remainder of class, spanning a myriad of topics. A small sample of our conversation follows.
Student: reading journal question aloud "My New Year's Resolution... does that have to be something I'm going to stop doing?"
Me: "Not necessarily. It's basically a change you want to make. For example, my resolutions are to read a new book each month and to work out at least once a week."
Student: "Girls are always making resolutions to watch what they eat and stuff."
Me: "Yeah, at least at the beginning of the year."
Student: "Yeah, they never hold to it."
[... student working quietly on his assignment... then suddenly...]
Student: "What's lust?"
Me: "Lust?"
Student: "Yeah. I know it's not like, love, but..."
Me: "Um. Well, it's when... you're interested in someone for... your own pleasure. Not for, like, a meaningful, committed relationship."
Student: "Oh, like friends with benefits."
Me: "You could say that."

4. Next joyous occasion I am looking forward to: MEGAN is coming to visit over MLK weekend!!! SO excited to see her!

5. Um, I guess that's it! Oh, one more exciting fact: half day tomorrow!

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  1. I love the zit story...I laughed out loud several times. Hope you're doing well!