winter wonderland

Last night, Doug & I were watching quite possibly the worst Christmas movie ever (Ben Affleck - need I say more?), and there was a Winter Storm Warning for our county and the surrounding counties. Dave & Sara (our friends who are the Youth Group directors) called to say that Youth Group is cancelled tonight, and since Griffin and Leslie spent the night last night, we decided church wasn't in the plans for today. I took some pictures of our deck and the road, not quite bold enough to venture into the blustery outdoors. Also, I've developed a nasty head cold, so I figured being outside in a snow storm probably wouldn't improve the situation.

Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow! :)


  1. i'll cross my fingers for you...doesn't get much better than a snow day! if only i got snow days at work!

  2. um, you are totally right that movie was ridiculous...we had to stop watching it b/c it's soooo stupid. ended up watching the notebook instead, which is amazing. and i just might have been sobbing during the last half hour. not choking back tears, or a lump in my throat, but crying loudly and asking jeremy how could he NOT be crying? yeah, maybe that was me :)