must be time for report cards...

Top 5 Signs That Grades Are Due:

1. Students who haven't come to class since September suddenly reappear, inexplicably excited about education. They have usually been miraculously healed from sundry ailments: flu, back problems, sore throat, colds, stomach aches, and the inability to find a ride to school.

2. Students who have turned in one, or maybe two journals come in with reams of paper, filled with insightful entries about their tumultuous upbringings.

3. Students bring me chips and Lemonheads.

4. I am suddenly "the best teacher in this school." As, I'm sure, is every other teacher.

5. Journal question: "What does beauty mean? What do you think is beautiful?" Journal response: "Beauty is things like stars, the moon, sunshine, and I guess you could even say the sky is beautiful. Ms. Parton is a very good example of beauty."


  1. Brilliant little schemers...love it. I'm experiencing the same thing with basketball eligibility...students are all of the sudden excited about Tale of Two Cities. :)

  2. oh man, your students are great!! got to love teenagers.

    i'm sure the student is eagerly waiting for a response back to their journal entry stating, "dear student, you were going to receive a failing grade from me; however, since you mentioned that your teacher was an example of beauty, you now get an A+, not to mention, you don't need to turn in any more work for the rest of the year or even bother showing up."