reflections on a 3-day weekend

I love my 3-day weekends!
Yesterday I got up early & saw my hubby off to work, then went to the gym & gave my muscles some much needed exercise.
Yesterday I discovered that Starbucks will make Peppermint Mocha Frappucinos (ala a self-proclaimed "Frappucino King")- sweet bliss.
Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Sara and enjoyed piping hot chicken noodle soup & laughter.
Yesterday I made more vintage ornaments.

Today I slept in until 9:30!!
Today I went to Salvation Army with Doug & bought fun things.
Today I met up with my dear friend Jeanette & shared teacher talk & more laughter.
Today I took the scenic route home in the rain listening to soft music and contemplating the late, lingering stages of autumn.
Today I did laundry with my husband and laughed some more.
Today I watched Stranger Than Fiction and was pleasantly surprised & moved.
Today I had an ice cream sundae.
Today I officially became a licensed teacher in the state of Michigan.

Tomorrow is undiscovered...

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