changing seasons

I love Autumn.
It's my second favorite season, after Spring.
I picked up 6 leaves today on a walk.
& I made cookies to take in to my students tomorrow.

School's going pretty well.
Tomorrow will be the 3rd half-day we've had this week.
Since I've had my morning classes every day, I don't want the afternoon classes to be ridiculously behind, so tomorrow is going to be an easy day for the kiddos, complete with chocolate chip cookies. The way to students' hearts is through their stomachs. I hope.
Today I bought 7 books for $12 - awesome! I love old bookstores.
Tomorrow is my Friday!


  1. I love autumn too. Can't wait until you're here and we are loving it together!!

  2. so i didn't even know you had a new blog until a week ago!! i was super bummed because i thought you weren't doing one anymore, and then i find that your blog just upgraded to the new married name too!! i was so happy because i love your writing. so i've spent the last few days catching up on your blog.

    love it! and love you!

    and we shall never, ever drive through michigan again w/o stopping off at the partons.