autumn hodge podge

School's been cancelled for students tomorrow & Thursday. Apparently we have teacher meetings... I'm not sure what we're going to cover. Every time we talk about changes that need to be made, nothing happens. Anway, I'm taking the opportunity to update my blog.

Last Friday I made an apple pie. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or disgusted by the fact that Doug & I demolished it in... 2 and a half days.

Thanks to Panek's Pumpkin Pile for the beautiful centerpiece!

The stairs going up to our doorway.

The door to our little home!

And finally, the charming little violet that I was able to save after it was sadly neglected for a week straight. No fingerpointing (MOM!).

Not much else to update about. Well, other than the fact that a teacher's car was stolen yesterday. By students. My students. For whom she was subbing while I was downtown for the interview with the Detroit Public Schools that have all had to go through.
But other than that, not a lot happening here in Detroit!
Can't wait for the Cider n' Donut party this weekend - hope to see everyone there!


  1. cider and donut party? Does that mean you'll be home??? Call me. xox

  2. it took you that long to finish... ametuers... your no match for me... sorry im gonna miss you guys at the cider and donut.

  3. Wow, Those are the same flowers that were our house... they are not laying on their sides begging for moisture.

    Love you sweetie! Stay safe. Dress as completely and as drably as possible at LCA.