at least they're honest.

Endless hours of grading essays does not go without reward. There were a few papers that made me, quite literally, laugh out loud.

I had my students write an essay using symbols to describe themselves.
Here's just a tiny morsel of what I get to enjoy on a regular basis.
General [SIC] for the following.

From a young male: "My first symbol of myself would have to be woman. Because the one thing I love more then money is a beautiful female. I really don't know what to say I need women like a dope fiend need their hit. [...] I know its not right referring to women as a drug of somsort but that just how I feel. I guess u can say I'm hooked."

From a young female: "My first symbol is a mirror it symboliziest how much I love looking at myself. I love lookin at myself so much. It's not that Im conceited. Nope I can't even lie I am conceited. But Im the good kind of conceited. See its a good kind and a bad kind. The good kind is when you think your good looking but dont put other down with it and help people instead of tearing them down. Thats me. And the bad kind is pretty much everything I wrote but just in the bad way."

Yet again, the saying proves true - you do learn something every day.

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