Last Friday, I babysat my niece & nephew, Leslie & Griffin. We had a snack of Oreos:

After cleaning up, we started to watch The Sandlot...

but we had to turn it off because Griffin was scared of the "thing" behind the fence. We had the following conversation:
Griffin: "There's a monster behind there!"
Me: "No, it's not a monster..."
Griffin: "There's a lion behind there!"
Me: "No, it's not as scary as a lion."
Griffin: "I scared."
Me: "Okay, we'll turn it off."

I am a terrible aunt.

This past weekend, Doug & I went back to NY to visit my family. Today is Jayne's birthday, but we had a pre-birthday celebration for her on Saturday night. Gram & Gramps Bannister were there, as well as Uncle Tuner & Aunt Cile.

Doug & Uncle Tuner chatting it up. Item of interest: Uncle Tuner did not come to the party wearing a tie...

Jayne DID come to the party wearing a tie.

As did Douglas. It all started when Dad asked Mom if he could just wear what he had on, to which Mom replied, "Mm, no." So, Dad went upstairs, showered, and came back downstairs wearing a plaid shirt with a paisley tie, claiming that Mom couldn't complain because he was, in fact, wearing a tie. Sooo, the boys thought it would be funny to wear weird ties. Of course, Jayne had to jump in on the action, and Emily caved to the peer pressure as well. And Jayne, being the selfless, giving person she is, took down her supply of clip-on ties so Grandpa & Uncle Tuner wouldn't feel left out.

(I didn't make the cake - Mom did.)


Doug would attest to the fact that changing winds make bonfires really fun! Or at least a lot more aerobic.

Now we're back in Michigan, reaping the results of Hurricane ... Dean? or whatever it is. Basically it downpoured all day Monday, it was sunny yesterday, and it's rainy today. We actually turned on the heat Monday night. Sad AND pathetic. Come on, Poseidon, it's still August.

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  1. Way to give props to Poseidon! Love the ties...and your family! :)