Tomorrow is the Parton family reunion - I think the first one they've had since... oh, possibly the world's creation. Doug's Dad & Beth are up from South Carolina, and they stayed with us the past two nights in our "guest bedroom." Otherwise known as the most unorganized room in our apartment - the office. We don't even have a futon, so they brought an inflatable mattress. We hope to purchase a futon once I get a job, so that if & when other family members visit, they will have a place to sleep. Which leads me to ask, "WHY WON'T ANYONE HIRE ME?!"

All that aside, we've had a really nice visit with Dad P & Beth. Yesterday the kids came over too, so we had a nice big dinner and then just played around afterwards.
Doug & Griffin goofing around.
Doug & Leslie

We love having the kiddos over - they are such sweet kids!
We've been watching the Midwest flood updates on the news. On Tuesday, they closed parts of I-75, which we didn't think about, until we realized that was the route Dad P & Beth were taking to get to Michigan! Sure enough, the detours and delays added 3 hours to their trip!
So it was another rainy morning here in Plymouth, Michigan.
However, sun is now shining through the clouds.
Now I'm just waiting for the predicted 92 degrees to hit this afternoon...

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