slumber party...

Parents -
You know those early mornings, where you're blissfully asleep when suddenly, 
a delightful chorus of heavenly sounds wakes you ever-so-gently from your slumber?

And by "heavenly" and "gently"
I do mean blood-curdling screeches meant to wake the dead 
that cause your heart to bolt from your chest as you are brutally jerked from sleep.

We had one of those mornings this morning.

Around 5:30 this morning, Doug & I were awakened in the above manner by our little guy.
Doug went into the nursery and Bo was pretty much like,
"Oh hey! You're awake? Cool, let's hang out."
Doug tried to get Bo to go back down for 45 minutes.
Then I got up and suggested that he just bring the little babe into our room. 
After about 15 minutes of squirming, this happened:
(Although this pic was taken an hour later, after I got out of the shower)

Bonsa is a very... warm sleeper. 
It's not unusual for his pjs to be damp with sweat in the morning.
So, when he woke up a few minutes after this picture was taken, 
both he and Doug were drenched. 

Which was the perfect excuse for nakey baby!

I will say... 
this bubbly, happy babe does make those early morning frustrations worth every minute.