2012 mastheads

January 2012: counting it all joy
James 1:2
February 2012: it gets the people going!
Jay-z & Kayne & Will Ferrell?!
March 2012: ... He faithful will remain...
From my favorite hymn, "Be Still My Soul"

April 2012: living young & wild & free
So what? (Oh please, Internet, understand that I make many of these mastheads ironically.)
May 2012: always joyful selves are singing
from ee cummings' "sweet spring"

June 2012: suddenly my prayers are coming true
from Mandi Mapes' song "This Love" - about adoption!
July 2012: on the verge of mommyblog
it's happening... slowly but surely, it's happening.

August 2012: looking motherly
my friend said this about one of my outfits, and I just had to laugh & embrace it...

September 2012: three is a magic number
we left september 1st to go pick up our son from ethiopia!

October 2012: going gorillas
I couldn't possibly know what this is from. (*cough*kanyejayz*cough*)
November 2012
I don't know. My minimalist phase.

December 2012: joy beyond the walls of the world
an awesome Tolkien quote.

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