an update only a mother could love

An amazing thing occurred in our household this evening.
My son fed himself a snack puff.
Yes, friends. 
If you are not a mother, you probably just want to glimpse at pictures and move along.
He has slowly been eating more textures that I mix in with his Gerber food.
Then, the other night we were at Olive Garden and Bonsa finished the food I'd brought for him,
and he was still hungry. So I decided to give him a little bit of breadstick and see what happened.
He made a face... and then ate it! And proceeded to "ask" for more.
By "ask", I do mean hit the table and yell.
Since then, I've continued experimenting with bread and noodles.
Both successful!
Then tonight, I remembered the little snack puffs. 
I had previously tried to get him to eat them, and he spit them out.
But tonight - he ate them! 
And then, the ultimate test. I put a puff on his tray.
He picked it up, played with it for awhile... then slowly put it in his own mouth.
You guys.
I'm so excited.
And this is so a mommy blog.


  1. "By "ask", I do mean hit the table and yell." That made me laugh.

    That is great news! WAY TO GO LITTLE MAN!

  2. YAY BO!! That last picture is beyond yummy. Try the fruit/veggie puff like things too-- kara LOVED those! I'm dying to meet this little guy....

  3. LOVE IT!!! YAY BO!! The little yogurt bits are good too - he may like those. It's fun to experiment with new foods. And yay for Mommy blogs :o)

  4. i have no words for the cuteness of your boy in his cardigan. none.

  5. So proud of you Bo! What a big boy :)