pre-prom photo shoot?

Naturally I wanted to capture my prom outfit, so I asked Doug to snap a photo.
Or... several.

Awkward leg pose:
 Duck lips/peace sign:
Work it/censored?!
 Okay, enough of this nonsense, I'm gonna be late:

And no, if you were wondering, there was no spray-tan incident this year (despite a few of students making jokes about it - HALEY. CHRIS. I'm looking at you!).


  1. ha - love the photo series!! and you are looking mighty hot in your prom dress! {is it fun getting to go to prom again & again - and get new dress?!}

    1. haha - thanks! it is fun getting dressed up & seeing all the kiddos dressed to the 9's. & i'm definitely thankful for girl friends whose dresses i can steal!