things that have occurred within the past week

... some cool, some weird, some inappropriate, some random & some downright embarrassing.

- My little bro turned 24! I feel bad because I haven't been doing birthday posts this year, much to some of my siblings' chagrin. Sorry guys.

- I read the word "seaman" aloud in one of my classes and nearly giggled. NEARLY.

- I worked out twice on MLKj Day?

- I'm having trouble walking as a result.

- We talked about pole dancing in my small group. My adult small group, people! Yeah... that doesn't really sound much better, considering the context.

- A class made fun of me because I had hiccups.

- Doug & I got to spend time with our beloved friends, Dave & Sara.

- Sara and I helped a 21-year old boy decorate his condo with "homey, yet masculine" decor.

- My leg was attacked by a vicious and potentially demon-possessed cat. This might be an overexaggeration. See picture below, in which Sara is refusing to come any closer to psychotic cat.

And my favorite...

- I almost peed with the bathroom door open in the teacher's lounge. NBD, as the kids say... N.B.D.

So, what's been happening in YOUR life lately?


  1. haha yes...I didn't have a picture of that dumb cat so I'm so happy you posted about it. It was so good to hangout with you guys

  2. Cats are vicious...
    But hey, MY Sunday School class quotes Monty Python. What does that say about us? I find pole dancing amusing for sure.
    How did you work out twice? Kudos!

    1. My friend wanted to go in the morning, and then my husband wanted to go at night! :)

  3. I had a freshman hide under my desk, and I almost made him stay under there for the entire class, but I decided he'd like that way too much...

    Also, I made baked potato soup for the first time and didn't bother to read the broth package. So I've been eating potato soup with BEEF broth all week. Strangely, it's not all that bad! Still embarrassing...


    1. Oh the child under the desk scenario... I almost had a heart attack because of that one...