numbered list of awesome 5

1. Afternoons spent sewing & puppy watching: the soft whir of the needle, the sporadic twitching of puppy paws, the sigh Zooey emits when she flops to the ground...

2. Homemade salsa via Brown Eyed Baker. Yum! The recipe is super easy and tastes amazing. My next step will be making salsa that I can ... can. In other words, I would like to make salsa that I am able to can. Whatever. You get it, right?

3. Homemade Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls. Or, in my case - Peanut Butter Pretzel Globs.
Oh my. Oh my goodness. Doug, I am so sorry, but these are AMAZING. I had to change the font size. That's how good they are. The peanut butter. The chocolate. The salty crunch. It's the kind of treat where, after you eat one, you keep thinking about how amazing it tastes and the thought of that delectableness keeps interrupting your thoughts throughout the afternoon. Not ringing a bell? That's just my gluttony speaking? I dare you to give these bad boys a try.
Momentary interruption while I mop the drool from my keyboard...

4. Making jewelry again. It's been awhile! Pictured below: Katy's birthday gift.

6. Sara spending not one, but TWO nights! That means long walks (with a pit stop at Coldstone, of course [banana&pb ice cream w/ pb cups and fudge]), non-stop conversation, a lot of laughter, and oh-so-much fun.

7. Thinking about opening an Etsy shop? Maybe? For stuff like this?

8. Going home this weekend! Getting to hang out with my family & maybe help with some painting??

9. Getting to meet Katie & Ryan's daughter, Karalyn Grace!

10. This pup. Currently passed out on the floor because our time at the dog park was soooo exhausting.

Alright, off to eat more pb pretzel globs pack for New York!

11. This video!


  1. dear mand...when you read this...make those peanut butter pretzel balls!!! looks amazing rae. and you should totally open an etsy shop for your adorable little dresses!

  2. Are there any PB-pretzel balls that will make their way to NY??

  3. 7. Open an etsy shop! I'd totally buy one.

  4. yes!!!! on the etsy shop!

    i immediately went to pin those pretzels ball as soon as i read this. then i saw your pin of them and repinned! {i'm using pinterest as my new "to make" file!}

    dear mar...make your own!! haa. fine. i'll make them. i have all the ingredients.

  5. Those pretzel ball thingies look INSANE. And I JUST went to the grocery store... :/ Oh well. Next time I'll have to grab all of the ingredients.

    And thank you for your prayers. It does mean a lot to me. This deployment is a lot harder than the last... But he's safer! It's so strange.