getting old & things that embarrass my mom

You know those moments when you realize, oh my word - I'm getting old? Don't get me wrong, I like to think that 26 is still pretty young. But there are still those things that make childhood seem forever behind you. Things like paying a mortgage. Getting your first real paycheck. Thinking to yourself, teenagers today...

For me, one of those things is coupons and grocery shopping. I don't know what it is, but seeing little deductions from the original price on my receipt and coming home to organize my produce and cans and boxes... there's something immensely satisfying in that.

Now, I'm not a crazy coupon-clipper - I'd like to be one of those women who find amazing deals that allows them to get 14 boxes of tampons for free and 5 cases of toilet paper for 20 cents. Not quite there yet. However, I have recently started to compare prices at our two closest grocery stores - Kroger & Meijer. Meijer almost always wins, but every once in awhile there is a weekly special at Kroger that ends up being cheaper. Yes, teenagers of America - roll your sarcastic little eyes because I have become one of those. My grocery shopping takes me to different stores. I look forward to aggravating my children with this practice in the future.

Getting excited about a good deal is just thrifty, right? Not old.

Anyway, on the way home from the grocery store today, I was at a 2-way stop, waiting for traffic to clear, when a big black SUV (by the way, thanks Mariska Hargitay - now I have to pause and think to make sure I'm using the right acronym...) pulled into the left turn lane, obstructing my view of traffic coming from the left. Rude. In an act that surely would have appalled my mother, I threw up my left arm in a very obvious signal of exasperation, and to top it off, shook my head in annoyance. I'm sorry, Mom - I know that if I had done that to a ref at a soccer game, you would have been mortified. But... the dude backed up his car. Yeah, that's right.

(Is another sign of aging exasperated driving? Or is that just the 'burbs getting to me?)


  1. Not old--just wiser! I'm all about the coupons and deals these days. ;) And as for the black SUV---RUDE! Pshhh...

  2. oh man, PREACH IT GIRL. i have become obsessed with coupons as of late. it might be age, but it's also wisdom [not always mutually exclusive!]... and i am always an exasperated driver. i'm going to be the annoying/ed elderly woman someday...

  3. Haa - love the SVU, I mean, SUV story. I may have a *slight* case of road rage and get exasperated all.the.time.

    I have never really been one for coupon clipping. I used to like grocery shopping though. Now I have three little ones and grocery shopping is the worst. :(

  4. my coupon-ness would embarrass you! don't worry it doesn't make us old (or that's what i like to tell myself)