babysitting brady

My friend Maria just got a new puppy, and luckily for me, Brady sometimes needs a babysitter. However... Zooey has remained a bit... skeptical about the newest kid on the block. The quality of the following pictures is awful, but the expressions on Zooey's face are still abundantly and hilariously clear.
Not impressed.
Zooey eventually flopped on the floor and tried to act casual... without much success.
In the meantime, I tried to sneak a few more pictures of Brady while Zooey wasn't looking.
By the end of their time together, Zooey had just sort of accepted that Brady was present and tried to ignore him. But guess what, Zoo? Good news - Brady's coming over again tomorrow!


  1. They will be best friends before we know it! LOVE the b&w pic -- he does love flip flops. Thanks so much for your help with him!

  2. This is hilarious. Puppies make Hurley nervous, too. More than anything, I think he's afraid that they're cuter than him. Haha...

  3. So hilarious! That dog of yours does not have a "poker face"!