let me eat cake!

Greetings, faithful readers of Parton Ponderings (hey, Mom & Jeanette!).

Today was my last exam! Sing it with me: "Schoooooooool's out for the summer (ba-ba-da!)"

In honor of this always momentous occasion, how better to celebrate than with cake? Or multiple cakes?! Or cakes that look so amazing you just can't stop staring at them & drooling over them?!

I present my new favorite blog: Sweetapolita. HOLY MOLEY. MOLY? MOLEE?
Doesn't just LOOKING at that cake make you feel like a 5-year old all over again?! Not only is it RAINBOW, but children can DECORATE the cake with "AmeriColor Food Colour Markers" - i.e. EDIBLE MARKERS. I mean, seriously?! Can you tell by all the excessive capitalization and punctuation that this is blowing my mind? I want this right now.

If that's not enough, check out THIS.
IT'S ASPARAGUS. BUT IT'S FONDANT. AND CAKE. Completely outrageous and AWESOME. You really need to click that hyperlink to look at the pictures of the asparagus in the works.

Looking at all that confectionary craziness makes me want to bake. Tomorrow is our class party, and I'm feeling inspired by Manda's fauxstess cupcakes - I think I'll try to make them tomorrow!


  1. I want that asparagus cake. And I want edible markers. I want cake.

  2. Rachel, now that you are out of school and will be doing oodles of baking, you have to go to Saline and check out the Baker's Nook. It has everything you could ever imagine for baking and decorating, including your edible markers!


  3. Oh my gosh - Maria! Let's go together!!

  4. oh my gosh asparagus cake= mind blowing!!!!

  5. Ugh - you cannot feature cool new blogs. I can't keep up with all the blogs that I want to read! Those cakes are amazing!! I've been wanting to make a rainbow cake for so long.

    Have you done any fondant? I haven't dabbled in that yet...

    Hooray hooray for school being done!!

  6. Ok reachel just beacause I don't comment all the time doesn't mean that I'm not your all time most favorite reader!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Manda - I haven't done any fondant! I'm a little nervous.

    J - you are one of my favorites. :)

  8. Yes, let's. We can get fondant and play with it. Manda can come, too. :)

    You still have to come over and taste test my ice cream!

  9. Ahem- I AM a faithful reader, as well.... just don't comment much. : )

  10. Haha, sorry Bethany! Thanks for reading! :)