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Zooey's dinner time is 6:00. She has a pretty intense internal clock that goes off around 5:30.
We usually try to ignore her, which results in increasingly desperate attention-seeking behavior.
Until, finally, she succeeds in getting us to pay attention to her and fill her bowl.

In other news, Doug & I went on a date last night.

And in other, other news - the blossoms are helping me deal with this interminable rain.


  1. Ha! Our chocolate lab Chloe does the same thing. I think she's protesting her dinner time of 7:30. At precisely 7:03pm each night she comes and stands next to us and stares. And then whines. And then barks. Anything she can think of so that we'll feed her early :)

    (Thanks for your kind words on our adoption. :) We're excited to be on the journey! )

    ~ Kristen

  2. Hooray for date night...you both look fabulous! And...I love your dog. :)

  3. that second picture is amazing.