contributing factors of a glorious weekend and a corresponding abundance of exclamation points

Blossoms! And green grass! And leaves! And blue skies! And warmth! And sunshine! And so much beauty that sometimes I think my heart might explode!

Watching Tangled on Friday night with Doug!

Going for a run Saturday morning with Doug & Zooey!

Celebrating Leslie's 7th birthday!
Cappucino Crunch ice cream!

More blossoms!
Playing in the park! With swings! And golf lessons!
Bike rides! And long walks!

Grilling hot dogs!

Weeding & working on the yard!

Lying on a blanket in the sun!

Sitting on the front porch eating ice cream!

Did I mention the blossoms?!

Talking to my beautiful, amazing mother and wishing her a Happy Mother's Day!

A teensy, rosy sunburn!

The smell of fresh laundry!

ee cummings!
(all the merry little birds are
flying in the floating in the
very spirits singing in
are winging in the blossoming)

Oh, Sweet Spring! Please continue to grace us with your presence!

This song! (Jeanette, I think you'll love this...)


  1. we watched Tangled this weekend too! so cute!

  2. You know me well, friend. I immediately downloaded the song. I love it almost as much as ee cummings quotes. You're wonderful!

  3. glorious indeed! and cappuccino crunch ice cream - yum!!!