a summer breeze

My juniors are currently composing "Object Poetry" - that is, they must create a poem that describes something without directly saying what it is (except in the title). I decided to model this for them, and wrote the following little ditty.

a summer breeze

coyly curling quietly caressing
soft touch upon my skin
lightly laughing lethargically lingering
a whisper in my ear

delicately dancing daintily drifting
the waving, wondering grass
sweetly swinging serenely sweeping
the frolicking little birds

tenderly traipsing tentatively touching
as if to swathe in silk
warmly welcoming wistfully wandering
just a tiny, graceful gust

rcp 3.23.11

And also, because I get nervous sharing my writing publicly, a quick diversion. One of my students wrote the other day about "gardening angels" instead of "guardian angels" and today a student wrote about how "marawana" is illegal. Awesome!


  1. loved the imagery, Rachel. loved it loved it. That is so awesome that we both wrote and posted today.

  2. I understood most of the words you used in your poem... you should go pro in poetry.

    Speaking of pro.... 8 days till Tigers opening game!!

  3. JIM! You & Em should come to Michigan for opening day! :)

  4. Love the alliteration on each odd line. :) Makes me want SUMMER! :)

  5. Well that would just be flat out amazing... not too likely though. I'm contemplating whether or not to take a half day next thursday to watch the game - ridiculous, but true.