recently i'm... (13)

Enjoying: mid-winter break! thank you, presidents.

Looking forward to: lunch dates with girl friends!

Baking: made the amazing salted chocolate cookies by annie again.

Sewing: actually, i haven't recently! i have material for some more dresses, and yesterday i cut up an old shirt in preparation for a pillow cover.

Cooking: toasted orzo chicken soup for the 2nd time (made it about a year ago)

Still listening to: mandi mapes. can't get enough.

Reading: collection of essays called bittersweet by shauna niequist. finished the secret of contentment by william barcley & loved it. continuing through the pursuit of god by a.w. tozer.

Decorating: finally got around to getting more screws to put knobs on our bathroom drawers. much more convenient. they're cute & mini.

Proud of: my sister emily for competing in the NYS Dairy Princess pageant? competition? regardless - i'd never have the guts to do that & i'm so proud of all your work throughout the year, em. :)

Excited about: upcoming photo opps

About to: be late for a lunch date if i don't go shower

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  1. I love Shauna Niequist! I saw her speak one time and it was...awesome. To say the least.