recently i'm... (11)

In the middle of: menu-planning & making a grocery list.

Planning: canning goodness for next summer

Excited about: half-days next week because of midterms

Proud of: the fact that I finished grading research papers by the deadline I set for myself! Also, that I've been able to control myself & savor Dad's homemade caramels for so long!

Looking forward to: Doug getting home from taking Zooey to the park so we can have leftover Thai.

Reading: Doug got me Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris for Christmas. Funny, but dark (a.k.a. pretty typical). All of my students just turned in book reviews, so I'll be reading those for the next couple weeks.

Watching: I got Doug the 1st season of Modern Family for Christmas. He was on a business trip to St. Louis this past week, so Zooey & I bonded over many an episode.

Cooking: The week's line up - "Mon: breakfast dinner. Tues: Italian Chicken in the crockpot. Weds: Chili. Thurs: Leftovers. Fri: Shepherd's Pie." Haha, I love that all of those are such winter comfort foods!

Decorating: I'm ashamed to admit that it took me so long, but I finally put up the apple & peach cross-stitchings from my grandma. We've only lived here for 5 months... and this is the first thing on our walls. Everything looked so bare after Christmas that I was compelled to decorate a little bit.

Annoyed with: my blog. I'm feeling super lazy about updating & writing. Or taking pictures & posting. I'm in a winter funk.

Hearing: the garage door! Time for Thai.

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  1. i plan my menus before grocery shopping & breakfast for dinner is on my list for this week, too.