33 days of hope, pt. 2

A recent 33 Days of Hope email from World Orphans highlighted Moses. Here's an excerpt:

"Before his birth, Moses was already an outcast to his family in Nairobi, Kenya. Because he was conceived by an incestuous relationship between siblings, Moses' mother was faced with a difficult decision. If she agreed to abort her child, she could remain with the family, but if not, she and her child would be disowned. Moses' mother decided to go ahead with the birth, but after a short time, she realized she could not care for him. Moses' mother took him to Fountain of Life, where he has a loving family. After seven years at Fountain of Life, Moses attends school, loves to dance, sing and play soccer. His brightsmile brings joy to his family and his fun personality keeps them all entertained."

World Orphans partners with churches in 14 countries, helping thousands of children. Help give hope to these children with just $33/month.

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