2010: year in review

January 2010
- 2nd homecoming at PCA
- Turned 25

February 2010
- Mom&Dad and the girls came to visit.
- Doug's grandpa passed away & we went to Missouri for the funeral.

March 2010
- I organized my 1st field trip.
- Victoria had a baby: Colden David!
- Cut bangs again.

April 2010
- Hosted Easter dinner for the Parton family.
- Went on a road trip to N. Dakota to visit Robert.

May 2010
- Chaperoned & took pictures at prom.
- Started looking at houses.
- Doug's grandma passed away.

June 2010
- Finished my 2nd year at PCA.
- Hosted a baby shower for Debbie, despite having no power!
- A former student committed suicide.
- Completed 3rd annual jamming tradition with Victoria.
- We bought a house!

July 2010
- Visited my grandparents' farm.
- Went back to Jamaica for our 2nd mission trip.
- My grandpa passed away.
- My cousin Alex passed away.
- Dad Parton & Elizabeth came to visit with their foster child.

August 2010
- I went back to Africa.
- We closed on our house!
- Robert moved back home!
- Alan & Guin got married.
- Sara & Dave moved to Chicago.
- Debbie had a baby: Lincoln Kress!

September 2010
- I started my 3rd year at PCA.
- We visited Dad Parton & Elizabeth at their new house in Indiana.
- My grandparents celebrated 70 years of marriage!

October 2010
- I became mildly obsessed with baking cupcakes.
- Doug & I took a mini vacation to NYC/NJ to visit friends & family.

November 2010
- My parents & the girls came to visit our house! & we went to Frankenmuth for the first time.
- We had a housewarming party.
- We hosted Thanksgiving for the Parton family. I made my first turkey.

December 2010
- We hosted the 3rd annual C.S. Lewis party.
- Doug turned 28 & we visited Dave & Sara in Chicago to celebrate.
- We hosted Christmas dinner for the Parton family.

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  1. A C.S. Lewis party? AND you read Radical??? We're birds of a feather. :)