thanksgiving, pt. 2

I'm thankful for...

On a large scale: Douglas Ian Parton.
This man is more filled with grace & patience & love & loyalty than anyone I know. I am so thankful for my husband. His love for the Lord and for me is evident every single day.

On a small scale: our heated blanket.
So, apparently electric blankets cause, like, cancer or something... but you guys, there's just something about the air being so chilly & my covers being SO. WARM. I just get really excited. I have been known to even start giggling in excitement, which, admittedly, is a little weird. (I think I'm subliminally trying to alienate all my readers...)

On a mini scale: autumn-colored M&Ms
I love these colors together & they taste delicious. I mean, chocolate in and of itself is amazing, but whoever thought to make it cute was seriously brilliant.


  1. Growing up I had a heated water bed & when I went to college, I asked for a heated mattress pad for Christmas. I'm always freezing in the winter!

    Thankfully, Joel is a wonderful heater, who doesn't even complain about my frozen toes.

  2. Pretty much, life causes cancer.