Thanks to my friend Liz, I know that November is National Blog Posting Month! So I'm going to try to post every. day.

I'm NOT promising that these will be blogs anything significant or noteworthy... just keeping with the tone of the rest of my blog!

So... day one...

This afternoon our doorbell rang. I opened the door (amidst a cacophony of barking from one Zooey Dumbhead Parton) to see two small children standing there, looking somewhat sheepish. I smiled and said, "Hi guys!" The little boy said, "Um, we were playing frisbee, and it went over your fence. Can you get it for us?"

We're officially a part of the neighborhood!


  1. I was hoping you'd join the challenge!! :)

  2. awww, welcome to the community. :)
    miss you,

  3. Oh, we've been the frisbee throwing neighbors too! Unfortunately, our neighbors scowl at us and wordless retrieve the requested item. I trust you are more congenial! : )