I get headaches pretty frequently.

Not just

You know, the kind that make you just do this:
... and long to curl up in a warm, dark room.

So, yeah, they're pretty debilitating. It seems the only solution that really works is sleeping, but that's really inconvenient when I'm trying to introduce a unit on The College Portfolio to a class of high-strung juniors.

Any suggestions??


  1. try chamomille tea and also get your hand and rub or massage the area at the back of your neck near your brian stem.

  2. stop taking birth control pills, if you are, the hormones did the same to me

  3. Do you wear glasses? If not, you might want to get your eyes checked. If you do then... I don't know what to tell you! :/ I used to get raging headaches everyday on the dot at 4P when I was on b.c. That could be it as well!

  4. i would also suggest getting your eyes checked. or are you having caffeine withdrawal on those days when you haven't had chocolate, coffee, etc...??

  5. I've started wearing reading glasses from the drugstore because I was getting awful headaches & they've helped quite a lot. I also clench my teeth when I'm stressed and that definitely contributes to my headaches. I try to consciously relax my jaw throughout the day & sometimes I wear a mouth guard at night.

    I hope you find a way to fix them! It's frustrating when something you don't want is interrupting your productivity!

  6. thanks for all the helpful tips! i've been off b.c. for a couple years now & my contact/glasses prescription is up-to-date. it's probably the caffeine, let's be honest...

  7. This lady who was in my last class told me she takes two advil, two aspirin with a can of mountain dew...kicks the headache to the curb...and then she repaints her entire town. I'm interested in trying it, though.

    I'm sorry, friend...I've been there.

  8. It is God, telling you to call your daddy because he wants to tell you he loves you.

    I wished I look that beautiful whe nI was having a headache... just saying

  9. i hear you, i have the same problemo. boo to nasty headaches! things that help me:
    ..take advil as soon as you feel the headache coming on. the sooner the better. [oh how i missed advil whilst prego]
    ..drink lots of water.
    ..yoga. youtube yoga headache relief.
    ..rice sock. i have a rice sock w/ lavender that i made. i heat it in the microwave and put it on as hot as i can stand it.
    ..massage. have your sweet hubs massage your head, neck & shoulders.

  10. I know this is an old post, but I'm just now getting to my google reader from vacation (oops...) ...the only thing that helps mine is the chiropractor. The neurologist had me on about every medicine in the book at some point, but it was like the heavens opening once I had a few (ehm, three months worth of) adjustments. I haven't been since we moved down here and am miserable! So, just another thought to entertain. Hope they get better!