auction abasement

My school has an annual auction fundraiser. Teachers are always encouraged to auction off, um, "themselves", so my dear friend & co-worker, Patti, and I decided to participate. We offered an "Evening of Christmas Cookies with Mrs. Parton & Mrs. Snyder".

We were quite surprised when we saw our item in the catalogue and noticed that we had a DIAMOND next to our item description - - indicating our estimated value of $200-$400. As Patti wrote in an email to me, "Apparently someone thought our baking skills are worth a lot! [...] We should open a bakery."

Well, at the close of the Silent Auction this evening, we had unfortunately fallen $150 shy of the mark, earning for our school only $50 (still 2x the amount of the starting bid, though).

So, for now I guess the bakery will have to wait.

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