I thought of maybe a better way to celebrate 500 posts than apple muffins: CUPCAKES. Obviously. However, it's too late... so, happy belated 500th post, blog o' mine.

Internet, I have been on a cupcake CRAZE lately. I blame it all on Annie's Eats. She always has the most amazing desserts. And I blame that discovery on Lyndsay, who I'm pretty sure told me about Annie. So, Lyndsay, I'll be sending you my medical bills when I get diabetes.

Anyway, my 2 latest obessions are...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

(some modications made using this recipe)

and Cookies & Cream Cupcakes.

Both pics are from Doug's phone, so not the greatest quality. For better pics, and more importantly, the recipes!!! - click on the links. You won't be sorry... until you're on the hospital bed next to me.

And even then...


  1. How do you stay so skinny?!

  2. I have been on an Annie's Eats kick for like a month now. I am baking all kinds of things and I have REALLY wanted to try the oreo cupcakes. Your's look AWESOME!

  3. yummyyyy! lyx has me hooked on those cookie dough cupcakes as well. sinful. mand keeps me festively plump with all her amazing cupcakes... see ya in the hospital. [it's so worth it.] and i love your fall table. xo.

  4. please make those for me. and deliver them. in person. and never leave.

    :o) sounds a little demanding, i know, i know.