weekend, so far

Friday night = Date Night!

Saturday morning = Trinity Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen

Oh - and this is on the drive to church. Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE where we live? We're in a "village", so we have the opportunity to get to know all our neighbors, but we are 2 minutes from dirt roads & farms. It's the 2nd best thing to moving back to NY.

Saturday afternoon = Got home & Doug was washing the porch. Zooey was not a fan.

Debbie & Kress came over! And brought Linc!
Zooey really wanted to play with Linc.
He is such a cutie!

Now it's time for some POPCORN?! and Law & Order.


  1. 1. I love,love,love your house. I'm eager to see more pics!
    2. You look good with a baby in your arms.

    the end.

  2. what happened to the link for your photography page?
    i hope your fun weekend continues :)