recently i'm... (8)

Excited About: getting all the painting done & getting carpet so we can move into our house.

Not Looking Forward To: packing.

Procrastinating: packing.

Thinking: Doug & I have way too much crap. Where did all of this come from?

Reading: James. No books right now. I have a bunch of good recommendations, so I'm pumped to register at the Canton Library and get some good books!

Cooking: Okay, seriously - until last night I don't think I cooked for real (excluding burgers & dogs on the grill) since Africa. Last night I experimented and made Teriyaki Chicken & Noodles. It was great! Whipped up a teriyaki sauce using soy sauce, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, a little hot sauce, sugar - marinated the chicken in that for about 1/2 hour and used it to baste while grilling... and then cooked some Ramen noodles, tossed them in the marinade & voila!

Watching: Last night Doug & I rented I Love You, Man from the Redbox at Kroger. I have no real opinion about that movie. I just felt like eh after it was over & thought it was too long.

Listening To: My painting music has been primarily Kanye, Weezer and Keith Urban.

Missing: The Fountain of Life Boys

Laughing At: the auto-tune renditions created by schmoyoho on Youtube.

Wishing: That summer was 3 weeks longer. I mean, I absolutely love fall... but where has this break gone?!

Found: while rummaging through a bunch of stuff... sweet bliss.