week at home

Happy Independence Day!

Before I uploaded any pictures, I started this post with "Here are some of my favorite pictures from my time at home." Um, I need to revise that statement:

Here are a ton of pictures from my time at home. I love all of them.

Zooey watching the pig and goat very, very curiously.
Peas in the garden (I spent some time here every single day...)
Cute pea pods with only one pea!
Making kabobs with Dad.
Zooey & Elly being best friends... most of the time.
Beautiful skies
Dirt roads
Katie's adorable piglets
Luscious strawberries
Mama & baby
Dad's Oreo pancake... I did not try this confectionary experiment.
Fried zucchini, from the garden
Farm girl through & through
Baking berry pies
Watching soccer & cheering for Germany
and of course - gorgeous fields.
I forgot to take pictures at the 4th festivities at Nesbitt Pond, but I had a ton of quality time with my wonderful cousins. As crazy as we all may be, I just love the Bannister-Nesbitt family. And WNY? I can never get enough.

"What does the city have to offer me? Everyone else thinks it's the bee's knees.
What does the city have to offer me? I just can't see..."
- Camera Obscura

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  1. Wowowowow. I love all of these pictures. What kind of camera do you have??