taking a little break...

... to enjoy a homemade Oreo frappe.
Thinking of you, Christy & Jim!


  1. awwww, Rach! This makes me miss you and Jim even more! *sniff sniff. I think I'll just head over to the DQ and get a blizzard in remembrance :)

  2. i'm pretty sure i need to make one of these.

  3. First things first.... Rachel and Christy - We should reunite sometime in the near future around some oreo frappes, sound good? okay great, lets make it happen.

    Second, that May term at the Arbor was great! good times for sure.

    Third, I am honored to have been mentioned in your blog!

    Fourth, this doesn't count as my fifteen minutes of fame in this world does it? Not that it wouldn't suffice, I just saw my fifteen minutes being something spectalur you know, something bigger than a frappe...

    I guess time will tell.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer

    (and I hope you enjoyed the longest blog comment I have ever written)

  4. dear rachel, you are not updating your blog often enough for my liking. i prefer to hear about all your fun adventures shortly after they happen & i'm not patient... ;)