things that are awesome

1. Weekend at home - so fun. Hilarious conversations, shopping with the girls, steak dinner for Mom & Dad's 28th anniversary, changing cow pastures, laying in the sun, pre-Memorial Day picnic at the pond! So blessed to have such an awesome family who loves getting together and just hanging out!

2. Going back home in less than a month!!

3. The end of the school year is almost here! 3 more full days, 4 half days of exams and that's it!

4. Just found a $25 iTunes gift card the other day! Doug is trying to claim that it's his from Christmas... I tried to tell him I have better taste in music.

5. Mocha milkshake that I just made for an after-school snack. (So much for getting rid of the winter weight...)

6. Small group "Feast Party" & cupcake decorating tonight!

7. This picture of Zooey. SO WEIRD.

8. The movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. I think we watched it like 2 months ago or so, but I just randomly remembered how much I loved it. I think Roald Dahl would be pleased with their interpretation.

9. How calm and cuddly Zooey is when she's tired.

10. Junior research papers were due on Thursday - I'm already half done!

New header:
June 2010: the pox of such antic, lisping, affecting fantasticoes!
-Romeo & Juliet (Mercutio's line, of course)

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  1. it was great hanging out. can't wait until you're home again so soon! hooray! looking forward to our annual jam canning day. you're great.