life lately

Classes are DONE! Just 4 half-days of exams and then I will be done with my 2nd year at PCA!

My 6th period class wanted to have a party, so I made a berry pie (but forgot to take a picture after I baked it).

This time I made Doug a personal pie so he wouldn't feel left out!

Last night, Doug & I had an amazing summer dinner: cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, bbq chips, edamame, and chilled cherries, complete with homemade chocolate milkshakes for dessert. YUM! I could seriously eat hot dogs or hamburgs and corn on the cob every single day in summer.

We tried to eat outside, but got rained out...

Then Zooey was being hilarious, as usual. We call this "nesting".

Last week was our small group party - we decorated cupcakes. I made a cute frog.

Two of my girls made babies for me & Doug. Caption says: "We made these babies for you, we hope they behave, if not, you can eat them."

I took pics at graduation last week too.

Oh, and I spoke at Imprint Friday night and sang in church yesterday.

Sooo, yep. That's pretty much what's new with me.


  1. You're such a doggone fantastic wife to make a personal pie for Doug!

  2. I miss you...

    When are you coming back to Minneapolis?? And if you don't call me I will drive to your house and steal your dog!