cooking class

Last night I took a cooking class with a bunch of girl friends. I learned a ton, the food was delicious, it was a blast AND I conquered one of my biggest fears! We went to Edwards in Northville, which I highly recommend. The chefs, Kris & Vivian, were awesome - funny, encouraging & so helpful!

Our theme was "Cooking for Two". We started off with Saganoki Toasts, which were basically gourmet grilled cheese - Kasseri cheese on baguettes with lemon zest & butter. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of one. Then we made a basic vinaigrette - very zesty & fresh tasting. Our main dish was Greek Chicken.

Here's Andrea, pounding out the chicken with gusto.

Mom & Internet - I gutted a raw tomato. WITH MY BARE HANDS.
And I have photographic evidence. If you didn't know, I loathe raw tomatoes. I like salsa, I like spaghetti sauce, I like ketchup... but in the raw form - barf. And I have honestly tried to like them! I've tried them in salads, I've tried them with various dressings - every time, gag reflex. I hate the taste, the seeds, the SMELL... However, I overcame my weakness last night! Next thing you know, I'll be growing my own. Maybe.


The finished product, complete with tomato-skin roses, crafted by Rose and Ellie. Doesn't this just look lovely?!
The chicken was stuffed with feta, oregano & tomatos. YUM!

Then dessert. Ohhhh dessert.
Lemon Raspberry Pistachio Galette

We used puff pastries and lemon curd, put some raspberries in the middle, baked them & sprinkled pistachios on top. SWEET BLISS.

And after we were all stuffed, they brought out an enormous slice of chocolate-raspberry torte as a surprise for Andrea's & Sara's birthdays.

Patti, me, Ellie, Vanessa, Rose, Madelyn
Katy, Sara, Andrea, Tracy, Char

Such a fun, delicious evening with awesome girls!


  1. "gutted a raw tomato"
    you make it sound like it's an animal.

  2. I love Edward's! I miss Northville..

  3. a tomato! you are one brave woman.
    [that food looks delicious]

  4. Same here I hate tomatoes too!! I used to like them... kind of...a little bit, not so much any more. The dessert looks DELICIOUS.