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Happy Mother's Day!

I found myself looking at the cookbook my mom made for me this morning, reflecting on the love & wisdom of mothers.

Before I was even engaged, I told my mom jokingly that the only thing I wanted from her for my wedding was a cookbook with all her recipes. Well, Mom took that to heart and at my shower a couple years later, she presented me with this. Beautiful cross-stitched cover, recipes typed and organized, with personal touches throughout. Fun stories behind recipes, Bible verses, family favorites, inside jokes...
One of my favorite pages, with pearls of wisdom my mother has offered throughout the years:

What are some of your mothers' wise sayings that you grew up with?

These are the 10 that my mom included in the cookbook:

1. If you always put it away, you always know where it is. (Or, the variation of this, "A place for everything, and everything in its place!")

2. Always look in your oven before you preheat it.

3. Make your bed every day.

4. Clean as you go.

5. Never go empty-handed.

6. Parsley is your friend. (This was another adaptable one, the more common dinner time reminder being "Veggies are your friend.")

7. Think backwards (whenever we were trying to remember where we'd put something!).

8. Do it nice, or do it twice.

9. Be a blessing.

10. When in doubt, improvise.

To the wisest, most loving woman I know - Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

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