if zooey had facebook...

Zooey Parton: mom made POPCORN!!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!

Basic Info
Birthday: June 21, 2009
Parents: Douglas Parton, Rachel Parton
Relationship Status: Single
Looking for: Random Play
Current City: Plymouth, MI
Hometown: Somewhere in Kansas
Religious Views: I love Jesus!

Likes & Interests
Interests: POPCORN, DINNER, SNACKS, WALKS, NEW PEOPLE, bones, barking, audible gas, sniffing my rear end, licking myself, POPCORN, ice cubes, gurgly burps, dribbling water everywhere after I drink, DINNER, pooping, puking and eating it, SNACKS, jumping on the couch, staring out the window, POPCORN, the warm spot by the heater, dad's stray socks, DINNER, cuddling at night, trying to hide before a bath, SNACKS, biting people's hands when they're trying to pet me, WALKS, jumping on new people, standing under mom's feet whenever she's cooking, POPCORN, chasing birds, chasing squirrels, barking at birds, barking at squirrels, barking at people walking by, barking at the blinds when they move, barking at grass, DINNER, trying to sneak out of my cage when mom and dad are eating dinner, SNACKS, digging holes (especially if it's muddy!), WALKS, life in general!
Favorite Music: I'm a music snob - I'll never give up my latest indie finds!
Favorite TV Shows: I love The Hills, but mom won't let me watch it.
Favorite Movies: All Dogs Go To Heaven, obvs!
Favorite Books: Leather bound - delicious!
Favorite Quotations: "DINNER?" - dad & mom, "POPCORN?" - mom, "WALK?" - dad & mom, "SNACK?" - dad & mom

I like eating, romping, sleeping, passing gas audibly, and sometimes cuddling - except when Mom tries to hug me and I just don't want a hug. I hate baths, my shock collar and not being allowed in Dad and Mom's room. I'm good at protecting my family and scaring off predators (especially grass - that stuff is dangerous!). I know how to have a good time, and I know a bunch of tricks. Holla at me if you want to know more!


  1. Yup That's Zoo All right!!! But can Zooey... it's secret I'm sorry can't tell you. You'll have to come home and see.!!!!

  2. she'll get more fans than everyone else!