wherein i loll about in a morass of self-pity & then snap out of it with resounding exuberance

I know, I know. I hate it too. I hate whining (look at me, whining about whining!). My dad would say, "Your attitude determines your altitude" - or something along those lines. And it's true. I'm a white, middle class female with a solid job that I usually enjoy. I have a remarkable husband, a cute (albeit insane) pup, a roof over my head, and pretty delicious meals whenever I want them. The weather is slowly but surely getting warmer and I'm young and healthy. WHAT do I have to complain about?!
But sometimes one just needs an outlet for pent up frustration.
And Internet, there you are, with your sultry eyes, just asking me to tell you all about it.


Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip with my sophomore class to a Creation Science Museum. Okay, no biggie. Except it's in Kentucky. That's a 10-11 hour round trip in one day. Leaving at 6am, getting home at 10ishpm. Did I mention that I'm going with 50 teenagers? To be fair, in Doug's words, I could have "just said no" to chaperoning. But as I've established, I'm a pushover.

That's it. I just really wanted to complain about that. I feel much better now. I was going to blub on about some other nonsense, but life is too short.

So, to combat that negativity, here are some awesome things:

First -
Excluding tomorrow's jaunt/epic journey, there are 4 school days until Easter break.
After Easter break, there are 40 school days until exams.

Slash, frightening, as I have no idea how I'm going to get through all my curriculum... I think I can! I think I can!

Sorry, Zooey. The OPC doesn't ordain women.

Third -
It's not a baby elephant, but...
it's still pretty adorable.
(Image stolen from the Internet somewhere...)

Internet, how could you NOT forgive my griping after seeing that precious little furball?


  1. seriously?!?! that little squirrel?!?!

  2. I've made that trip twice with our students, but we stayed overnight. I can't imagine going up and back in one day! Great trip though. Such a cool museum.