sharing loveliness

Ever have one of those days where you're in the car, windows down, great music playing and you just want to drive until the car runs out of gas? That's how I felt this afternoon when my thermostat read 68 degrees, the sun was shining and the Avett Brothers were sweetly strumming & serenading through my speakers.

So I thought I'd share some other lovely things to encourage some good vibrations across the Internet.

1 - Um, yeah. Of course it involves chocolate.

You know you want some S'more Cookie Bars.

2 - Seeing Colden in 4 days!!

3 - Zooey.
(Thanks to Em for the suggestion!)

4 - New drink at Starbucks: Dark Cherry Mocha. WOW. I also highly recommend as a frappucino...

5 - Walks. This is the best time of year for walks. Finally releasing the tension of cabin fever, embracing the warmer temperatures, taking advantage of the longer hours of sunlight... pure bliss.
(Also, weird posture while trying to get the shot...)

6 - Hot dogs. Bear with me. Hot dogs = baseball = spring. Usually we wait until Opening Day to indulge, but yesterday the Tigers played a spring training game and it was so sunny we couldn't wait.

7 - Buds.

8 - Green grass. GREEN GRASS.

9 - Colorful mailboxes.

10 - Baby elephants.
Come on, you know you were hoping it'd make the top 10.
(Image stolen from somewhere in Google...)

What's lovely in your life these days?

**Edit: I had to change my blog header. The other one was just too gray.


  1. 2a.... seeing Dad in 4 days!

  2. Wahoo - thanks for the recipe link!

    Love those mailboxes!