recently i'm... (2)

Saw Lyndsay's version of my little list on her blog & was reminded how quick & fun it is to update this way!

Reading: Finished Ragamuffin Gospel - still reading Philippians with sophomore girls and I & II Samuel in my small group. Also, reading a lot of Whitman and Dickinson poetry in preparation for my kids' explications.

Listening: Pretty rad mix recently, including, but not limited to: Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Cat Stevens, Animal Collective, Iron & Wine and Jay Sean. What?!

Watching: Hated last week's episode of Modern Family.

Cooking: This week's menu - Toasted Orzo Chicken Soup, Mom's Mac n' Cheese, and either Italian Baked Chicken and Pastina or Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Last week's Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia:

Boys loved it, I thought it was somewhere between "eh" and "mediocre".

Wearing: Birthday gift from Doug -

Wishing: I was going somewhere warm next week.

Thinking: I want to memorize more Scripture (and wish I could quote Romans 1-8 like this!)

Craving: a frappe from Puerto Rico (remember those, Jeanette?!)

Digging: my dog's balancing tricks

Excited About: BREAK

Laughing At: hamster on a piano

Hoping: that we get a snow day tomorrow... (esp. after it was announced as a possibility over the PA on Monday morning...)

Annoyed With: distance

Feeling Bad: for throwing snow on Zooey while I was shoveling. Well, not feeling that bad.

Grading: college & career portfolios

Loving: flannel sheets and heated blankets!

& I like Lynz's addition of:

Planning: a fun weekend with the Townleys!


  1. i totally wanted that yellow hoodie. it looks awesome~

  2. Mmmmm frappes! I say we hitch a ride to PR, grab a frappe and listen to iron & wine and cat stevens on the beach (the beach w/o the underwear).

  3. Uh-huh...you're makin' mac & cheese. My dream is coming true. Watch out for wells.

  4. Ok, now I might have to do a post like this too! Looks like fun. The tilapia looks good and like a recipe I make often (when I'm not preggers). After I have the baby you can try out some recipes on me. Muauhahahah :o)

  5. i like your new rhino...where did you get it?