dealing with addiction

Fact: My dog is obsessed with food.

She lives to eat. Seriously. We feed her twice a day, but every time we do, she acts like she hasn't eaten in 3 weeks. She wolfs her food down in approximately 10 seconds and then walks around sniffing everywhere like there must be something she missed.
The dog loves food.

Out of all the food Zooey likes, her favorite is popcorn, without a doubt. Chick goes nuts.

So, of course, I like to use this obsession as a practice of self-control.

Pictured below: FREAKING OUT.

Honestly, have you ever seen torture look so cute?


  1. That is pretty fantastic. I've tried that with our dog, but she kept moving her head. She does get a similiar look when you put food on her paws and make her wait.

  2. Oh my word, that is adorable!

  3. Amazing!! Elly has the tendency to slowly but surely tip her nose down so I have to say OK really quickly.

  4. so, so patient...she must hate you!

  5. Love that pic and the story of Zooey saving the day (Bob loves the baseball bat/boxers bit);)