stupid betty.


Didn't even get a chance to make the ganache.
Cake broke while I was "inverting" the bundt cake.

Conveniently, I have all the stuff to make a trifle.

Thanks a lot, Betty.


  1. oh gosh, i have been there! once i made this amazing cake...and it completely feel apart during "inversion"...instead of cutting the cake to serve it...i was giving servings with a big spoon. it was delicious but still you know how i am on presentation...

    trifle sounds amazing.

  2. On the other hand, just think how drab life would be if you did everything correct on the first try. It is the failures that sweetens success when it finally comes.

    Your Dad

    PS.. but sometimes (if you're like me) you do get things perfect on the first try... just look in the mirror