birthday boy!

Before I brag on Ethan, I have to brag on myself. I'm being so proactive and typing this two days before I leave for Africa & setting it to post on Ethan's birthday. Now we'll see if it actually works...

My baby brother is NINETEEN YEARS OLD TODAY!!!

"ET" - It seems unreal that you're 19 years old, you're in college, you're taller than I am, you're smarter than I am (debatable, I guess...) . . . can't you just go back to being the blond, curly-headed toddler who walks into the kitchen without his diaper on and poops on the floor? (I guess some things really don't change!) Yeah, I just wrote that on the Internet. Happy birthday!

But in all seriousness - I love you so much. You've brought so much joy & laughter to our family (the pig mask, all your Jim Gaffigan-isms, that ridiculous dance that you memorized...). You've grown from an adorable little boy to a handsome, godly young man. You're a wonderful brother & I miss you like crazy. Happy 19th birthday, ET Boom-Boom!


  1. picturesss! love em.
    happy birthday e!
    [and no worries - i'm pretty sure i pooped on that floor too...]

  2. I don't remember the floor, but I do seem to remember a magazine in the corner