today in a rather exhaustive nutshell

Overall: fairly typical

5:35am - 1st alarm goes off, hit snooze & grumble
5:45am - Start to hear pup whimpering
5:50am - 2nd alarm goes off, Doug gets up to attend to pup
6:00am - Stumble into shower
6:05am - Begin gaining consciousness
6:15am - Fully awake, out of shower, mousse in hair, scrunch
6:20am - Blow dry hair
6:30am - Go downstairs, eat Special K Yogurt & Berries for breakfast
6:40am - Go back upstairs, plug in curler, put in contacts
6:45am - Tame scrunched hair with some curls
6:55am - Put on make up, put on work clothes
7:05am - Pat dog, kiss Doug, leave for school
7:15am - Arrive at school.
7:20am - Check emails, prepare for 1st period
7:30am - 10-min bell rings and I panic because my computer is going so slow
7:40-8:20am - 1st per, Amer. Lit - I made them write an essay. On a Monday morning.
8:25-9:30am - 2nd per, Speech - prep for the Personal Experience Speech
9:35-10:25am - 3rd per, Eng. 9 - Vocab quiz and Great Expectations review
10:30-11:25am - 4th per, PREP! Went to Rite Aid to get stickers for 100s, then graded.
11:30am-12:20pm - 5th per, Eng. 9 - Same as before
12:25-12:55pm - Lunch!
1:00-1:50pm - 6th per, Amer. Lit - More essays! More evil teacher!
1:55-2:45pm - 7th per, Eng. 9 - Same!
2:46-3:35pm - Grading, organizing
3:40pm - Drive home to let the dog out and shave my legs
4:00pm -Sara gets to my house, we go get pedicures!
5:00pm - My toenails are a lovely, very dark shade of purple (Dad, you'll hate it and say I'm "gothic").
5:15pm - Arrive home from pedis.
5:20pm - Grill hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. Why is pepper jack cheese so amazing?
6:00pm - Clean up dinner dishes.
6:15pm - Sit down on couch with laptop to work on a study guide.
6:20pm - Respond to email with Doug first. Doug stands behind me, drink in hand, dictating said email. Zooey was sitting on the floor.
6:20:30pm - Zooey jumps on couch.
6:20:32pm - Zooey jumps at Doug.
6:20:33pm - Zooey connects with Doug's cup. You can imagine what happened, right?
6:20:34pm - Drink sloshes all over me, partially on the couch, a bit on the computer.
6:20:35pm - Doug runs glass to sink. I flip laptop upside down.
6:20:40pm - Doug kennels Zooey.
6:20:42pm - Give laptop to Doug, stand up carefully and get fabric cleaner.
6:20:50pm - Douse back of couch with fabric cleaner. Doug deals with laptop.
6:21pm - Still scrubbing couch.
6:24pm - Go upstairs, shower.
6:40pm - Done with shower, change into comfy clothes.
6:45pm - Sit at table with computer. Check email, Facebook (I know, I know...)
7:00pm - Work on Great Gatsby study guide, test and bingo boards.
8:00pm - Doug takes Zooey for a walk.
8:45pm - Done with school work. Nic gets home.
9:00pm - Begin this list
9:24pm - Done with this list

Remainder of the evening:
-Work on lesson for small group on Wednesday
-Cut up ingredients for crock pot stew for dinner tomorrow (yum)
-Pack up school bags, pick out outfit for tomorrow, pack lunch
-Bed by 10:30pm, hopefully.


  1. i had pepper jack cheese on my flatbread sandwich tonight. amazing it was. and i painted my toenails black. i'm goth for reals.

  2. Only semi-related to your list, but I'm adding anyway...How does one teach? I want to teach, any advice to break into teaching for an undergrad?

  3. Hey,
    I'm reading the Great Gatsby too!
    Tell your students I feel for them.
    Can't wait to see you SOON!!!!!
    p.s. love Megan's picture in previous blog!

  4. i still cannot get over 5:35am...why does your alarm go off in the middle of the night??

    bingo boards? are you playing bingo in class? can i be in your class?