girls' road trip '09

This past weekend my girlfriends Katy & Sara and I took a road trip to Western NY! The girls have been wanting to see "the farm" and meet my folks, so I gladly obliged. We had an awesome time, got to see the family (minus Ethan, who is at Grove City), Victoria and Katie! We spent the majority of the time walking around the farm and hanging out at the house, but we did also venture over to Panek's Pumpkin Patch, and then I gave them a "tour" of Albion!

Picture re-cap:

Saying hi to the cows.

Sara loves minis!

Picking in the sunshine.

Las tres amigas on the wagon

Bannister Babes rocking the plaid!

Beautiful sister. Disclaimer: She's not really taller than me! Bump on the ground.

Absolutely love these girls!

We had an awesome weekend, full of laughter, family, games, apples, caramel apples ala Dad, pancakes, apple pie & love!


  1. how much do i love your yellow plaid shirt??
    [a lot.]

  2. love our shirts. even better, wearing them while picking. it was great to see you and meet the girls!

  3. Hey I know those girls! How cool!!! I know your friends now :) They are wonderful friends!